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Robert Bosisio, (born 1963, Trodena, Bolzano) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Trodena and Berlin. At the centre of his concerns are elements such as the management of the real and the magical, the concrete and the ephemeral, spatial experience and unseen perception. His painting lies between the need to constantly return to the subject and to defamiliarize and scrutinize it, and seeks to elevate forms and colours into the sphere of the metaphysical. The result is a contemporary style that relegates representation to a secondary role and gains tension from intensity of colour and control over texture. A multitude of small dots and many-coloured brushstrokes that the eye assembles into homogenous surfaces and chromatic phenomena give his works objectivity and depth, abstraction and surface. Intense brightness and sometimes sombre darkness are the exceptional characteristics of these otherwise delicate works.

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