Castello di Pergine – Italy

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The impressive castle complex of Pergine, which is enthroned on the Tegazzo hill, visible from afar, watches over the upper Valsugana valley.

Castel Pergine, once a Roman settlement, which was converted into a medieval castle complex in the 13th century, is the gateway to the Valsugana valley. For a long time it was in the hands of Margaret of Tyrol, called Maultasch, afterwards it came into the possession of Emperor Maximilian I. In 1531 Bernardo Clesio, Cardinal of Trento, was appointed judge in Pergine: Castel Pergine thus became the property of the Prince-Bishops of Trento for a long time. In 1901 Ferdinand Putz from Bavaria acquired the castle and had it renovated before it was finally sold on to the Swiss Mario Oss in 1956. He converted a part of it into a castle hotel with restaurant, while the rest of the castle became a cultural meeting place.

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